Bloomberg LP, in collaboration with CFA Society New York, invites you to an
interactive event discussing the crossroads of passive investing and corporate

CFA Institute is highlighting the view that increasingly companies, especially those considered high tech, are limiting governance rights of shareholders purchasing shares after the company has become public. Furthermore, corporate management is attempting to both take advantage of public market capital and liquidity while keeping tight control over the company’s governance. This especially leaves passive index-oriented investors in a bind: is it appropriate to invest in companies where most shareholders have at best limited governance rights?

  • During the event, we will discuss the roles and responsibilities of the following market participants, venues, and regulators:
  • Corporate management: How much control should they be permitted to keep, for how long and at what cost?
  • Bankers: What is the appropriate role of bankers mediating between current management and future shareholders?
  • States and Regulators: Who should states represent in setting the ground rules for corporate management? What rules are and are not acceptable? What is the proper role of the Securities and Exchange Commission in this situation?
  • Stock Exchanges: Is the role of the exchange to enforce minimum listing requirements for corporate governance and what should they be?
  • Index providers: Should companies with abusive corporate governance be excluded or limited from inclusion in market indices tracked by passive investors?
  • Index fund managers: What role should they play in this drama as they represent the ultimate investors.



When & Where

Friday, November 9, 2018
11:15 AM – 3:00 PM

Bloomberg LP
120 Park Avenue
22 MPR


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